Hacking the Service Code

‘Smart’ pundits who love climaxing to epigrams sometimes dub China the ‘world’s factory’ and India, it’s ‘back office’. Although I would contend this is an irritating reductionism masking an aversion to in-depth research or independent thinking or worse, both, the economic nom de plumes can be taken as a go-point for some mental base jumping.

I am going to focus on India’s moniker here: Back Office to the world.

If we remotely aspire to get anywhere close to being dubbed ‘Good’ in that busy food court, we who toil in its white collar kitchens have to dish out two things well :
1# Consistently good customer service (to both customers calling from Boston and Bombay)
2# In an accent and tone that is readily understandable to the customer who is calling in.

On #1 I have now started wondering what is the process that leads someone to be good or great at customer service ? …….Is it having a role model in the workplace who you can model after and leech knowledge off ? Is it being exposes to said good service that allows you to understand it and dish it out when it is your turn to carry the water ? Is it exposure from international first world travel and targeted reading ? Or is it just smarts melded to a thin rule book dangled over some delicious promissory carrots to the good and the great in the area ?

I am slowly becoming skeptical about accepted wisdom that it can be taught in a 50 by 25 beige walled classroom with a 46MB, 112 slides power point deck by a 28 year old girl of dubious credentials and limited real world curiosity. But then Southwest, Zappos and Apple are doing something right that gets them to the top of that enviable Everest. Even if it is simply hiring the right people who are plug and play in that area.

If India wants to dethrone the reigning champions of the CS game (U.S.A) we have to hack this code and pirate the plagiarized innards of the process to the capable and the interested.

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