About Me

Thank you for visiting my blog. Like all long term aspirational projects, it’s an evolving work in progress, inspired by the undeniable fact that all most of us are (in this consumerist age and epoch), most of the time, Just Another Customer, standing in line, waiting to be served whatever they are dishing out at the moment.

Having wallowed in various versions of client and customer service roles pretty much all my working life and having been a customer even longer, I have always been curious about the underlying assumptions, mental models and fallacies that grounded that world. This blog is an attempt at doing that thinking in words instead of just in my head. And when the mood catches me, you’ll see me commenting on corporate life, the zeitgeist, India (where I grew up) and life in London (where I now reside) and of course the many many things I liked, hated, stared at in disbelief and became a fan of.

More info about me is here 


One thought on “About Me

  1. Hey Shiva…. loved going through your recent posts …. itz interesting how you have shared your feelings n thoughts…. Great work!! I would love to read more of your stuff…

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