When Math is used to mislead

Oh joy.

Another ‘About‘ section on another utterly mediocre company’s website boastfully reassuring me, it’s hopefully gullible reader, there is a ‘combined‘ work experience on 547 years in the senior management team.

Really ? What are you ? A Borg Cube ?

I have been on conference calls with 10 senior veteran participants who between them have had 150+ years of work experience but where the said meeting failed to achieve a single item of value that the shareholders would have said was worth the enormous cost of that meeting to their company. And it was a toy problem 2 young managers could have sorted in 10 minutes.

And if that ‘cumulative work experience ‘ angle is correct, ideally should we not have zero plant closures, chapter 11s or redundancies ? For there should be NO challenge that 100+ years of work experience cannot surmount.The data tells a different story though. Look at what happened to Detroit and the Big 3 and Wall Street in 2008. Look at the 1999 tech bubble.

I am confident that in the MANAGEMENT space, cumulative work experience  is a thoroughly useless metric. It may hold some charge in serious professions like medicine or in a research lab but in the corporate boardroom it’s as helpful as the free doughnuts on the table.

While I am generally against a ‘Hero as savior!!’ culture that Bollywood and Hollywood love to whip out as a the perennial solution to every problem, I am still convinced one man with a plan and smarts beats 20 with ‘ 200 cumulative years of work experience’ trying to solve a nagging operational puzzle.

After all isn’t a Camel just a Horse designed by a committee ? …..which I bet boasted on its website about the 600 years of cumulative experience it had riding horses.

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