On Education : Teaching SocMedia Smartness

I am digging online to see if I can get a PDF copy of syllabi for students enrolling into 10th Std or above for the coming academic year. Just to get a chance to loudly laugh (and then silently weep)at the latest irrelevant detritus being thrown at kids like feces flung about  in a crowded monkey cage.

Here is something I think they should teach kids and maybe even employees just starting off their careers and some managers deep in it and struggling :

Platform Appropriateness.

Which means knowing what is and is NOT a good time/thing/item to share via :

  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook
  3. Blog
  4. Instant Messaging
  5. Email
  6. Phone call
  7. Face to Face
  8. LinkedIn updates

I don’t really know and most of the time I am winging it. I suspect few do. And we stumble a lot. You and I see too many people who sometimes Twitter stuff they should be sharing on an email with a few close friends, emailing funny or acute observation they should be twittering to their followers, blogging a topic they ought to be emailing the interested few, sharing a narcissistic update they are better off discussing with the dog or cat over morning coffee and updating their LinkedIn status with muses best done to a very very restricted buddy list on Facebook.

Platform Appropriateness is the kind of stuff we need to be grappling with. And we are not.

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