Random Ruminations of March

Samsung makes great products and it’s ‘reaction’ time probably competes with the humming bird. You email them and they will call you back in less than an hour. And if an engineer is needed to attend to your Samsung appliance, he will take less time than the ambulances and cops in India to turn up at your place. Alas, Samsung’s noble intentions towards their customer base is let down by poor selection of authorized service centers and reps who are experts at ripping the customer off and sullying the good brand.

The new iPad is amazing and the display helps your jaw meet the floor in record time. But what I think it does best is not that display thing Apple boasts abt. I think the device very subtly elevates, without you even realizing it, to becoming sublime and invisible. Only the Amazon Kindle has managed this trick earlier. This ‘flow’ state happens when your engagement with the information on the device becomes so pleasurable and intuitive and intense, the device literally just disappears into the background. Flipboard and Skitch apps on the iPad have done that for me especially well. The Game has changed.

BlackBerry is dying and in less than 2 years will be dead as an independent company and will be bought off by one of the technology goliaths ( Google, Microsoft, HP) and I hope someone then writes a good book on the rise and fall of this once mighty RIM empire and what hubris destroyed it.

The game at a Govt service provider (Air India, USA DMV, Municipal Services) is to start with low standards and try for lower. Bet on them. The odds are they will win.

The trouble with Indian customer service providers, esp. call center reps, domestic or international oriented is they equate great customer service with obeisance. No! No! No! Adding a million “please” and “Saaar” and “Thaankk you Thaankk you” will not hold a candle to being able to listen and give straight answers or solutions to the query. Or saying you can’t without the sugar overkill. You want to keep the AHT low. Believe me, so does the customer.

Hierarchy trumps quality and strength of argument at all mediocre companies. Esp that don’t know they are. It is also the canary in the coal mine in the ones that are sliding down from the top. BlackBerry RIM I am sure experienced this.

The TATA Motors advertisement and marketing team probably were taken to a BMW factory with the BMW banners removed and fooled into thinking it was a TATA factory. Nothing else explains the gap between their bluster in the ads and the reality of the turd models they shit out year on year.

Offsites are such a waste of time and money.

Bold prediction: A white collared firm in India that introduces a ‘Dogs allowed to work !!’ +’NO dress code here’ + ‘No limit on leaves taken’ will NEVER go bankrupt. There are many layers of smart phycology in those 3 rules. Someone should institute them to reap plum first mover advantage.

People who really know, understand and smartly use twitter are really ahead of the majority in the quality of information they are getting exposed to. Follow @theatlantic or @openculture to understand what I am talking about. And get onboard and get an edge.


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