Once upon a time…The power of good stories

Those of you who roam and graze on the vast manicured greens that is the sensible websites of the internet keep hearing about the power of stories.

They CEO of Mozilla says that’s his CHIEF role as CEO. He says “…A lot of people say the number one job of the CEO is to keep money in the bank, or the number one job is to be strategic and the number one job is recruiting. That may be a true, but when I was at Mozilla the activity I did mostly was to tell the story–tell the story simply, understandably over and over and over again. ”

Collecting and narrating good stories about a firm’s product, service and customers is a powerful tool and a very good habit with high ROI.

The latter because it FORCES you to have a cogent narrative. Like what are you really about ? what’s the DNA of this firm ? What’s guiding us ?

Alas, most firms don’t do it, considering it a ‘wtf’ idea at best.

But then, if your firm does, that’s a really sharp arrow in your quiver.

So I suggest, just do it. That btw was the punch line to Nike’s narrative a decade ago.

Let’s pretend you did sit with your team and collected some great stories. What to do with it ? Use it in all comms. esp with employees. Want a crazy idea ? Here goes — Whenever someone calls your helpline and the wait time is X mins, what if instead of torturing the sap on the line with elevator music and the insincere ‘your call is very important to us’, you played a story on the IVR lasting those X mins. (So a 60 sec wait time, narrates a 50 sec story, 3 mins wait time narrates a 170 secs story. You get the idea no?)

No doubt the tough part is collecting great sincere stories and narrating them in a manner that engages.

But if you did….oh my god!…you’ll leave them in the damn dust.


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