The employee utopia that is Valve

This blog mostly is about customer service and companies and systems that deliver it. Or try and fail. Preferably, hilariously. Luckily I live in the right country for the latter. Good times! Today allow me to wax on a company I have now become a huge fan of.

Valve. This full blown love affair initially started the moment I decided to play ‘Half Life’ in 2002 and now, last night, when I wrapped their latest ton-of-fun game, Portal 2, I realized just what an amazing track record this outfit has. But now that I have finished reading the ‘Valve Employee Handbook’, I am in sheer awe of the people who run the place (clue : it’s everybody there !). If you are a manager, employee, team leader or just a guy looking to read about a utopian place, read the ‘manual’ and prepare to weep when you then go to YOUR workplace tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “The employee utopia that is Valve

  1. Cant believe there is a company like that.. I wonder how they get super talented programmers in Bellevue, WA area..compared to Silicon Valley where most techies end up.

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