Are you in a winning culture ? See this to find out!

So this senior leader finished his presentation, that like a bad movie lasted too long.

After this powerpoint slides orgy, he turns to us and optimistically inquires “Any questions?”

For about 60 seconds all of us there are treated to the sound of outer space.

And then he,  with palpable relief ,says “Good. I hope you all now got the point. Thank you!”

No Sir.

We didn’t get YOUR point and you failed to get THE point: The Culture here is Sheep Culture and you are the shepherd.

click to enlarge

Maximus has a team of DOERs. Men of Action. he pandered to that and kept it short (“….echoes in eternity!”). So did Patton.

Beware of Quad “Analysis Paralysis” that falls into a “Discuss. Present” eternal loop.

And if you are in a Sheep Culture and YOU are not sheep, Get the hell out !!


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