Multitaskers need NOT apply

A few years ago Multitasking was all the vogue in the west and the rest. Gadgets abounded to help you with it and the hero was the expert in it. Women boasted how their ilk were better at it.They are. The Cult of More had found it’s shrine.

Today Multitasking stands trashed and maligned in the west. What now passes for multitasking was once called ‘not paying attention’ and that trend of labelling it such is back.

Multitasking is a misnomer. What you’re really doing is switching rapidly between tasks. And every time you switch, you have to start up again. Over the course of a day, you lose a chunk of efficiency.

Here is a typical tip being passed onto the busy successful executive (Good Tips too, pay heed):

For staying on track in a world when everyone is multi-tasking,
1. don’t be at anyone’s beck and call
2. prioritize ruthlessly
3. Minimize interruptions.
4. Turn everything off and take at least 30 minutes of downtime every day to think.
5. For staying productive: Get a good night’s sleep – 8 hours. You’ll be more efficient and mentally sharp.

I was recently in Gurgaon meeting with some folks in my network and saw some really harried execs rushing like headless chicken and was wondered if we were ready for the Single Tasking Culture here.

N E V E R.

For I realised it was difficult considering we VENERATE multitasking ability since forever. Literally. I mean look at them below. ‘my multitasking’ needs a Snake and a Lotus at the same time’. “God Forbid” they come into some 2011 models of the BlackBerry, iPad, Lenovo’s and discover the Triple espresso shot. Bring it on Doctor Octopus!. “TAT 24 Minutes. Or your ripped still beating heart back!”

Maybe THATs how they are on top of the prayer requests from the billion+ people here. They NEED those extra hands. And heads. They were onto Distributed Computing and Denial-of-service attack counter tools wayy ahead of the curve.

Rest of you mere mortals read this Time Magazine Article. Now. And give up on this multitasking ‘skill’ . Face it you are no Kali and if YOU had 10 hands you’ll just be Act 4 at the local circus. 


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