Stop chasing MORE INCOME

Look. I am going to do you a favor. Or not. I sure hope it’s the former.

If you already know what you going to see, count this post as an affirmation.
If you were doubtful,know now that you don’t have to be anymore.
If you didn’t ever stop to think about all this so far, consider this an eye opener.

All thanks to this gem on the net :

An an appetize to the motherlode there, I have put in 3 slides that explain profound truths some people take a lifetime to discover.

I for one wish I knew this stuff earlier. Would have saved me a ton of time and money wasted in the blind alleys of a useless life experiences chasing unworthy goals. A good Scottish buddy of mine keeps asking me why the hell I am so obsessed with charts and venns and two by two’s all the time. It’s because this is the kind of creative stuff I hope to emulate through that medium. My fave two tools are a pen and blank A4s. esp in a Barista. With the BlackBerry switched off. I am then like a kid with lego blocks. I could doodle for hours. I have.

I am surprised we don’t teach this kind of stuff ‘author’ Carl is onto EXPLICITY to kids and adults.

It’s stumbling into stuff like this and losing oneself there that makes this time off from work so very very rewarding.

Pay it forward. Pass this on.

See. Think. Enjoy. Maps to the treasure house were never this EASY to procure.



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