On The Most Precious Commodity today

We are sitting across a table. You were on your way to meet friends for a beer after work. You don’t hate me but don’t like me either. I am a genial stranger to you.

I am asking 100 rupees from you. How valuable is that to you ? Would you willingly pay it to get out and move on with your plans ?

Now I am asking 100 minutes of your time. To help me move some boxes around the office or some such job that requires your physical presence only. BUT I give you a way out. Pay me whatever you feel is appropriate and you can go. Would you pay ? What is 100 minutes of your time worth to you ?

I am asking 100 minutes of your UNDIVIDED ATTENTION. NO CHEATING. You have to sit in a chair and look at something mentally taxing for 100 minutes and no cheating. Plus No phones, no laptops, no multitasking. BUT here too I give you a way out. Pay me a appropriate sum and you can go. What would you pay ? What is 100 minutes of your UNDIVIDED attention worth to you ?

Upto the end of the 20th century Capital was the #1 scarcest resource . In the 21st, the most valuable commodity in a world with with 500 channels and a million+ websites and a gazillion ads seeking your attention is YOUR ATTENTION.

So act like it and don’t give it away too easily to anybody.  And make people earn it. Really earn it. And don’t give second chances to those who squander your attention.  Hold websites, TV, other media and people to these standards. I see too many busy smart people I know act like the easiest thing you can get from them is their attention. That’s stupid.

And watch this brilliant 20 minute video titled ‘May I have your attention please?’ by smart girl Linda Stone at SIME 2009.

It’s worth your attention.

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