How to enjoy a breakfast in Lisbon, lunch in Madrid and dinner in Lisbon – all in 1 day

Essential ingredients : 1 laptop and 5 seconds of distraction!

On Monday, finished work in the client office in sunny Madrid and went straight to the airport. As I was going through security I dutifully took out my laptop. Had a small bottle of water in the bag and security flagged it. Irritated, I asked if I could drink the water right there. Agent with room temperature IQ said NO. I walked off in a huff. Boarded. Took off. Landed. Hello Lisbon!



Checked into the hotel in Lisbon. Went to my room. 10 PM. Decided to catch up on my never ending emails. Opened my laptop bag. NO LAPTOP inside.


6 months of project work GONE. The first 90 seconds of realization in that hotel room were me cursing pure unprintable utterances. Calmed down. Googled. Found number. Called LOST AND FOUND in Madrid Airport. Was told to ring up at 7 AM. Most tense unsleepable ugly night of the year. Called airport at 7 AM sharp. Was told to call at 10 AM. Called at 10 AM. Was told to buzz at 11 AM. Wife finally called around 11 AM and….anddddddddd……they had it.

Relief washed over me in sweet sweet waves.

Booked a return flight for wednesday (today) to Madrid. Work up at 5 AM. Grabbed a quick breakfast. Boarded. Landed into Madrid at 9 AM. Went straight to Lost and Found. Lady was helpful. Collected the laptop. Wept happy tears on the inside when I was reunited with my hardware. Never knew a shitty HP company issued laptop would ever make an employee so happy to boot it up. Immediately went back to Madrid office. Worked for a bit. Never ever ever wanted to go through the hellish experience again of lost data and panic. So learnt up on ROBOCOPY and created a BAT script for automatic daily laptop data backup ( Had a delicious Spanish lunch at a hidden gem of a restaurant near the office. Huevos Rotos con Chistorra: A fried egg on top of fried potatoes with some fried Spanish sausage (how can something with 3 basic ingredients be so very delicious????)


Wrapped up shortly. Went back the airport. checked in. Logged into the stingy 15 minute Wifi they oh-so-generously offer at Madrid-Barajas airport. Looked up for a good Sushi option in Lisbon. Found it. Then wrote this blog up.

And that’s how you enjoy a breakfast in Lisbon, lunch in Madrid and dinner in Lisbon – all in 1 day.





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