The BEST new life scorecard

In school everything we studied and examined for was marked out of 100. Every pointless subject i never used in real life. it was marked in a 0 to 100 scale. So many capable millions of people feeling they didn’t have the chops to make it in life because of some failure in a room grading the papers . So many years wasted in such a pointless exercise. So many kids going through so many scars ………..for what ?

well. f*ck that.

Now we are going to have another grading system. This is all you will need. So stop feeling bad your batch mate earns more than you or that your neighbor drives a better car.



take your age.


total the number of foreign countries you have travelled to.


calculate the number of years you can live if you decided to walk off from whatever job you were doing and NEVER worked for a salary again.ever.

Multiply 2 and 3.

Minus your age from whatever you get when you multiplied 2 and 3.

Try hard to get THAT number to 100.

there is no upper limit. so try for 1000.

At the VERY least try not to go negative on the BEST score.

That’s about it.

To hell with all other pointless scorecards.

2 thoughts on “The BEST new life scorecard

  1. If you never worked for a salary again, does that mean I can work for a wage?

    Otherwise, I fear, on this scale, the vast majority of people in the western world will be multiplying against zero as unless you’re allowed to count in the welfare state?? And if you’re counting in the welfare state, then I’d hazard that the number of countries visited will never increase.

    Ratings in schools, at least in the west, allow for rankings amongst students which I feel have two main purposes (I’d have said three, just to maximise my point, but it’s a Sunday & I’m feeling lazy)…

    Firstly, it breeds competition within the classroom. I spent most of my primary school and secondary school age trying to better one of the tramps in my class… I wasn’t interested necessarily in being best, but being better than her.

    Secondly, it allows the system to identify the cream of the crop from the chaff. Unfair to ID people as lesser beings early? Not if the information is used properly… some people are better off in vocational fields than academic. Once you’ve ID’ed a trend providing the right support for people (well, children) means that everyone can fulfil their potential. In the UK, we do this ranking for 12 years to ensure that by the time the individual gets to 16 we have a fair idea of what the person will be good at. Sure, it’s not full proof, but it’s pretty successful where it’s done properly.


  2. But dude aren’t you STILL keeping a scorecard… err report-card? Aren’t you just replacing one report-card with another? Aren’t you STILL using an yard stick to measure success or failure? Aren’t you still putting in all your efforts to maximise your score?
    Ever thought of living without ANY scorecard?

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