Annual Appraisals are a waste of time

2010 is coming to an end and many enterprises here will commence the great eyewash and wasted exercise that is a annual employee appraisal. Like Hollywood movies in the 1970s that we Indians saw a few YEARS after they were seen in the western hemisphere, practices that are now being questioned over there are not raising the same level of skepticism over here.

Performance management isn’t an annual appraisal. But to judge you I will use my fragile memory and stumble and grope at how your complex contribution and performance over this year should be reduced to a single alphabet or number.

You know about the ‘Politics’ we all grumble and use as a crutch to explain why that brown-noser over there is moving ahead while we are crying at the ATM looking at the salary credited ? The cure to this if your boss is asmart person : Transparent Assessment Metrics. If your team complains about too much politicking then you/your firm have too little TAM. They are inversely related to the former.

Think about that as you warm up the laptop to start this outdated annual exercise.

without TAM


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