Airtel Name Change – Another Wasted Corporate Project

The new Airtel logo and rebranding is underway and the Airtel Marketing juggernaut is in full swing. No doubt they’ll get the job done. There are few thorny issues in this world that don’t go away if you throw enough money at it from a bottomless chest. 300 crore goes a long way anywhere. But to what end ?

I am an Airtel core-customer. That’s right. Core. 8 years. Blackberry services – Check. Mobile. Check. IPTV. Check. Internet. Check. All my media and screen based consumption has its imprint.

Overall I am happy with both their service and with their customer service. While I encounter the odd dolt who can’t speak English in an accent comprehensible anywhere in the solar system, I get my query sorted. eventually.

Now as a customer I don’t understand WHY my company has changed its logo which was well known and VERY well recognized to something which feel a tad cryptic and (gasp) looks like the Vodafone logo that lost a few pixels in a hurricane and got overturned.

Why change it ? Why not use that money (INR 300,000,0000!) to do something more pertinent. I would really like to see the Cost Benefit Analysis Case presented for this one. Some of their outlets are in need of desperate upkeep. The Noida Sector 61 one would be a good one to start off with. Or hire more reps to reduce hold time on their 121 helpline.

This exercise almost feels like the Airtel Marketing Department head and her team were bored and wanted something to do with their bountiful budget.

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