Life in UK – How I came to love Britain over a drink

I fully remember my first brush with Cider.

I was 29 and in Bristol on a project.
It was a chilled Magners in a tall broad glass with 4 ice cubes floating in it.
I was in a pub that had some with outdoor seating.
It was a weekend and  I was with some colleagues from work.

4 years of a pointless hotel management degree where they all they taught you was how to manage a hotel in 1965 India in case you invented a time machine and REALLY were keen on extracting some value from the degree.
They never ever ever mentioned the existence of Cider as a drink that humanity has invented, when this drink could have BEEN the whole point of progress by humanity.

Back at the pub I thought “This sounds interesting…..WHY NOT !?!?!” (95% of everything GOOD that has happened to me started off with these 5 sentences, as did 66% of everything horrible)

I sipped some of the drink.
My eyes popped.
I sipped some more of the drink.
My skin tingled in a tingly way
I sipped even more of the drink.
My brain did happy somersaults.

I just could not believe I had been denied THIS MAGICAL LIQUID for 29 years of my time on Earth!

That was the moment when I became a lifetime fan of this amazing country. The British have done a lot of wrong in an to my country of birth but goddamn it they redeem themselves well.


One thought on “Life in UK – How I came to love Britain over a drink

  1. Cider is indeed the king of pints… And whilst Magners has its place I hope you’ve matured & explored the glamut of range available in the fruit range!

    If an experienced guide is required drop me a line!

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