10 things that need to disappear by 2300 A.D


Here is a Thought experiment. Like the time traveler in H.G.Wells’ novel, you get into a machine and power it up. You suddenly land into a large empty lush field. Its pleasant and bright and sunny. you can hear birds. You know you are in the future but unsure how far into it from present day. Have you arrived at a good time ? Or is it dystopia ? It smells nice. You walk towards what looks like a well maintained, bright clean house.You know they are going to be surprised to hear your crazy story. But you are also hoping they are curious when you talk about these 10 things because they don’t know what the hell you are on about. See because if they are ignorant of these 10 things I have listed below you know you arrived at a fairly good time in the future. These 10 are really sociological and governance related questions, not tech related per se (ex. “what is a telephone/iPad/Car?”)

The 10 questions that future world citizens should ideally be totally ignorant of at a daily tactical level for the world to have truly progressed are :

  1. What is “RELIGION” ?
  2. What is “PASSPORT” ?
  3. What is “MILITARY” ?
  4. What is “FOREIGN” currency ?
  5. What is “A NATION STATE” ?
  6. What are “FOSSIL FUELS” ?
  7. What is “SALARY” ?
  8. What is “POLLUTION” ?
  9. What is “A BRIBE” ?
  10. What is “MALNUTRITON” ?

…..what questions would you think think portends the future ?

Thought experiment Inspiration :


Ian Banks CULTURE novels

Foundation Series by Asimov

Kardashev scale

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