Life in UK – TFL.GOV is fabulous!

A great way to get people here in India to think you are unhinged is to start a conversation with ” I think a local government body can provide good customer service!”

If ever that award was instituted, Local government body and Good Customer Service would easy win nominations here for Oxymoron of the Century

But some places and institutions manage making the utterances of these 6 words in the same sentence possible.

Here is the email 2 days ago I got that started me thinking on that happy tangent.

I envy you if you read this email note and went ” So? what’s the big deal ? TFL did what it had to do.”

If your thinking was on the above lines, you most likely live in a enviable part of the world. Because here, this kind of email, if they ever got it and read it, would at once alert people that Leonardo’s character has drugged them for an inception attack. For NO WAY in the real world would a local govt body show this level of care and commitment to it’s tax paying citizens. Most agencies here have a motto about what it should do to it’s customer and that motto rhymes with ducking.

TFL London operates one of the slickest and most helpful websites for sheer utility I have ever come across (and I surf a LOT).  And this in the same city which also headquarters British Airways. So all the more commendable.

This email demonstrates thought, care, advance planning and a fantastic scenario anticipation process over there at TFL HQ. Envy to all London residents.

And to those shoulder shruggers who want to take it all for granted, please come to Delhi NCR and spend a week here. Or even better, go use the Bombay version of the Tube. I promise you, you will GET this post on Day 2.

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