On Education : What I wish I had been taught in School

My education was based on State, ICSE and CBSE curriculum here in India. Full spectrum. I spent 19 futile years in that depressing factory. 19 full years. I was told and forced to memorize hundreds on complex chemical equations , obscure dates in history, India’s coal production output since independence, bizarre biology terms of unknown plants, crazy math equations with no bearing on real world application and the grammar rules that made no sense and worse had no application.

I did them all. And I passed all the tests. I topped my college in 11th std and was the 5th best student in my class when I finished my 12th.

See the table of contents of your old school books if you preserved them (jackass!) or of your kids if you have them (goodluck!) and marvel at the stupidity of it all.

What a total mound of fetid horse sh*t!

Here are some things I so now wish we were taught between all those shitty lessons above and which are actually far less complex than the above too. 19 for the 19 years I spent in the spirit killer zone.

#1 what is the exact way to invest in stocks ? What is stock ownership all about ?
#2 how does one set up a web page ? (this is NOT too difficult actually)
#3 how should one make a résumé that gets return calls ?
#4 how does one NOT be an asshole boss ?
#5 what are the top 50 habits any city dweller must have ? (Ex : let the ppl inside the metro/elevators get out first!)
#6 how does one become a good team player ?
#7 how should people run a meeting that works ?
#8 what are online scams to beware of ?
#9 how does one go about buying a mortgage ?
#10 what checklist should you follow when buying a used car ?
#11 how does one score cheap tickets online
#12 Exercises you can do at your desk or in your bedroom
#13 10 common phrases of the world’s top 5 languages
#14 How does one leverage RSS feeds ?
#15 A primer to systems thinking.
#16 how does one nail an interview ?
#17 what is the exact process in registering a small business ?
#18 how to use google smartly ?
#19 The top 20 biases and fallacies humans are prone to in decision making (very very powerful)

Some of this above may be total piff. Some painfully obvious. I missed some obvious ones I am sure.Let me know what else you thing should be added. When it hits 100, I’ll email all commentators the full list so you could maybe ensure YOUR kids, nieces, nephews cover their bases before they pass out of the shit factory.

Smarter people agree too.

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