Corporate Anatomy Lesson for newbies.

Here is my incisive summary of the corporate life from my years in it.

Target audience : nOObs/newbies joining the queue at the bottom of the corporate ladder.

First they hire you for what you can do well with your HANDS. So learn the proprietary platforms of the client/company, teach your fingers to FLY over the keyboard when you are getting the excel document ready for your boss before his crucial presentation.

Then, after you have proven yourself with your hands,  they will want you to be able to use your MOUTH to utter sensible stuff that gets the important people around the meeting room nodding. Make sure your English, both written and spoken, is immaculate and you are set. And learn to speak well and slowly.

The years have gone by fast and now you have evolved and are at the bottom of the BIG league. Yes, the pay grade now is really delicious up there. We are talking within firing range of ESOPs!

Now the Pantheon want you to be very good at using your EARS. You are now the ‘Senior Person‘ for a lot of people under you and around you. And the clients see you as THE GUY in the firm to go to for the key stuff/escalations/ideas. Listening here needs to be almost an art form you should have mastered. You stop winning when you stop listening here. Everyone around you should perceive you as a listener. Ask questions, observe carefully, and meet as many people as you can. Instead of spouting off about how great you are, which only serves to show people that you are insecure, try listening to people, which makes them feel important, and consequently they will like you more.

After some time, finally, you are at THE TABLE. Where it is all decided.

Dividends. Strategy. Key hiring decisions. New markets to penetrate. The world of Golf club memberships and  G6 on the runway.

Now they finally they want that stuff between your ears, your HEAD, in the game.  Deploy!

Remember, the sequence rarely varies so upgrade your body parts is the order mentioned and you will do JUST FINE in the corporate world here.

Mess up the order and get ready to wonder repeatedly just why you never made it all the way inspite of having the full anatomy.

And yes, there is ONE more body part you should take along on all the 4 phase. Heart. Always have that in the game.

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