The Mindset of Great Firms

If you are the owner of a new pizza store and selling to the customers living in the community, what was your mindset before you opened it?

How can I sell a pizza to people here and make a ton of money doing it ? mmmmmm, money.

OR was it :

Can I sell the most delicious pizza around here?

Most failed businesses start with that first question. Most failed businesses missed by its customers start with the second. they just forget ‘Free Cash Flow’ is just as important as ‘Customer Love’.

Unobviously most businesses that are alive and successful ALSO start with the second question. Rarely the first. Most surviving enterprises around you likely started with the ethos of the noble second question and then move to the ruthlessness of the first. Facebook. WalMart. Ford ?

The mindset is all. The rest is details.

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