On Blogging : Worth the bother ?

Why do I do this ?
What is that observation that I think I can articulate better than anyone else can?
Why should I get the podium and the gift of your attention today ?
What makes my decade in the corporate world more special that most ?
Was I a smarter observer ? Or just another pair of glazed eyes ?
Or is my only license to write the fact that I can and did.
If I am not fabulously successful what credibility do I have to pontificate ?
Or is that the first step to earning credibility ?
Why do I blog ? to satisfy the ego or a viable external community need ?
Have I earned the right from tasting extraordinary success ?
Or even better : failing spectacularly chasing a worthy goal ?
If this age of a billions of websites, why should I be heard above the din ?
Why do I need to write ?  Versus just joining the crowd  passively ?
What niche can I satisfy that has not been richly pandered to before ?
How do I transcend the double digit views I get on most good days into the elusive seven?
Will I ever be as erudite as Hitchens or Godin in being able to make a point with clever style.
What if all this is, as Maximus bellowed to his Roman troops, just another echo in eternity ?
What new angle can I dish out that you haven’t heard before and internalized ?
Am I like the majority,  interesting to and interested only by the Self ?
What if I can’t elevate my game and end up adding to the noise instead of the signal ?

Is this my creative conscious speaking out here or is this writers block pretending to be  my creative conscious ?

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