The farce that is Security Theatre

EVERY DAMN TIME. I get frisked every damn time I enter a mall, a theatre, a hotel here in NCR (delhi-gurgaon-noida region). This here, as the debate rages over in the US, where many are very vocally deriding the silly invasive body scans and accusing of it just being security theater. If those earnest checks over there by US Homeland Security with the available funds and resources in that country is derided as lame and unnecessary, what hope do we have here with our barely literate security guards ?

My gym is inside a mall and the guards at the mall entrance don’t even bother opening the bag I walk in with. They frisk my body though. Because I am the dumb terrorist who will strap it to the groin ?? I think in 5 months all they have checked is if my gyming is making my buttocks firmer. A precursory press of the gluteus maximus is what I get every damn day. I suspect they even have a schedule. It’s the left cheek on even days and right on odd. So many many times I, on an impulse, wanted to see a movie but the ‘no bags policy’ drove me away to my dependable bit torrent. My money stayed in my wallet when it could have been in the theatre owners.

You don’t drive too far in your vehicle in the city you live in not because the roads don’t exist or the car is uncomfortable but because the hassle is directly proportional to the level of that activity. Testicular cupping without purpose is fun for no one. I hope. Ultimately, we are not peddling security. We are peddling the illusion of it . And it still costs a lot to mount and run, it is pretty ineffective and it annoys and drives away core constituency members. The money could be better spent on less intrusive technology that is just as effective. Read up on how Israel managers airport security.

So know how to pivot.  Spread the idea that shopping, movie watching and other mundane activities are safe and easy options. The odds are it is.

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