20 signs you are working at a mediocre firm

1. The in-house PowerPoint presentations are always 10+ slides and each slide is crammed with more words and graphs than a bombay local.
2. ….which the presenter reads line by line. Slowly.
3. No meeting ever starts and ends on time and none stick only to the agenda
4. There are no clear goals so people obsesses and focus on behaviors
5. The DON’T List is longer than the DO list passed from HR.
6. The dress code is more than 20 words long. (btw Google’s dress code: You must wear clothes)
7. Firing a staff takes longer than hiring a staff
8. They frisk you at work
9. Everything is done either on Excel or PowerPoint. No one has heard about Dropbox/Basecamp/Slack.
10. There is a deep and rich culture of CC’ing and BCC’ing
11. Stock solution to an client escalation/complaint is  “Standardization!” or More QC’ing.
12. Candor is considered a deadly sin.
13. The Q&A session after a presentation is even more tepid and boring than the presentation
14. You have to sign into a ‘log book’ for everything everywhere
15. People prefer emailing versus picking up the phone or walking across to their colleague
16. Everything needs an approval email from the boss
17. People use ‘Sir’ when speaking to or about a senior colleague
18. There are emails that start with “Dear All
19. People are expected to bond at ‘Off sites’
20. No one tweets at/about your workplace