The fabled mythical Unicorn has been discovered! A Govt Dept that RESPONDS!

Needed some visa related query answered. And on some random forum I stumbled on an email ID that looked suspiciously relevant but also smelt like a GOI department. Damn.

Since I had nothing to lose, I emailed it anyway with my query. At 1:39 PM.

Thinking, here goes nothing into a black hole.

I got a valid, helpful response in 25 minutes.

None of that irritating “We have received you query and someone will respond in 48 hours” BS either. Just the query answered. To the point. In 25 minutes. From a Govt of India (GOI)  Department!!

I am tempted to jump into a taxi and say breathlessly like in the movies “Take me to the Visa Support building!” to go and meet the Serpico is manning the post.

Western friends will be puzzled  by this whole post but take it at faith : A working GOI Department is less common that seeing a real white unicorn in your garden so this experience above is unparalleled Sir.

Now excuse me while I go the sunny garden and sing the national anthem with pride.


Update : Alas! The bubble has been busted. A friend of mine who deals with Visa Wing of GOI tells me the GOI has outsourced it to a private firm. *sign*


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