Why I ABSOLUTELY hate the new Apple Maps

All this apple maps negative press seems to be mostly written by NYC hipsters and tech bloggers who are upset their favorite MUD truck coffee shop is no longer showing up on the “upgraded” iOS map. Never before has an upgrade been this nightmare of a DOWN-grade since Vista.

First, let’s not forget, people outside of USA buy apple products (who can resist the Apple borg PR machine) too and a lot of us made the mistake of ‘upgrading’ to iOS 6 and in the bargain forever lost our beloved Google maps and now we are f*****d too. But much much worse than you hipsters in Williamsburg. You just can’t find your caribou coffee shop across the street. We here can’t find ANYTHING.

Naaa.. you are rolling your eyes. “It can’t be EVERYTHING Shiva. Can it ? How BAD it it really ??”

OK. Really ? Here is the area I live in Noida as per good old Google Map :

And here is the SAME place as per the new apple map :

Either iOS 6 has gone sentient and the AI is smartly wiping crummy ‘chowmein rapey’ places off the map literally to help humanity OR we all iOS users outside USA have been royally shafted by Apple.

I miss you Google Maps. RIP. Oh and “F U Apple!”


One thought on “Why I ABSOLUTELY hate the new Apple Maps

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