What to chase instead of that bigger car

Recently I stumbled into a YouTube video straight from heaven.

Instantly it helped me mentally coalesce all those reads about positive psychology and happiness imbibed over the years, into one punchline.

I intend to constantly re-chant that to help me orient myself to True North. Where lies that promised memories of a life well lived.

“Happiness is doing new things with old friends”

Cryptic ? Cliched ? Defunct Syllogism ?

Watch the video first. Keep speakers on loud for an extra kick.

What a FANTASTIC video!!

I saw it and it just clicked. “Happiness is doing new things with old friends”


That’s what you and I want to chase.

So don’t fool yourself into being another soulless hamster  chasing the double mortgage. The senior designation where you get 300 emails instead of 200. Or the pitiful upgrade to platinum card where they now  give a complimentary cookie on check in.

Instead (just maybe) how about working at the ingenuity and imagination to do new things with old friends.

Your move.

Want some inspiration to kick it off. Jump here : http://goo.gl/2x6HH


4 thoughts on “What to chase instead of that bigger car

  1. Right Shiva, see you in Moscow in the autumn… I’ll get you a ticket to the Russia v NI match… that’ll be a new thing for you, with an old friend!

    • Sorry I took some time to revert. I read your comment and immediately started packing. Now “all my bags are packed and I am ready to go”…..Russia vs NI. You know who Ia m rooting for ?? ME. As in rooting for ME to see it !!

  2. 7/9/12 – Russia v Northern Ireland. Venue is yet to be confirmed, but very likely Moscow (possible St Petersburg, either way a great chance to see wonderful places).

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