The Big Buy

An old adage warns ‘Never ask the barber if you need a haircut’

Does the customer service proffered for big ticket items have different motivations than for smaller recurring stuff.

If you are the seller of either of the two, what is your motivation ?

Say you are a real estate agent or selling Bentley Cars. Are you in any way bothered to think long term about this customer in front of you ? Really ? Why ? She is going to, most likely, never come back.

Versus if you are running a bakery or a coffee shop or a consultancy service. In which case you need to ensure you try and make a repeat customer of this prospect.

As a buyer, whenever the price tag is huge enough, it may help to pause for a moment and ask yourself if you really want to belive all the spiel the seller is machine gunning at you. He knows you are probably never coming back (for along time)

The customers of an MBA course, house or expensive SUV need to be ardent fans of research, referrals and shopping around. And the truly ambitious need to also be a bit familiar with the language of biases and fallacies.

I wonder about the equations when the arena is an interview. In some ways, aren’t the employer and interviewee both sellers and buyers ? In a market where talent is scarce, I suspect the interviewee is the buyer and in a area of high unemployment, it’s the employer. This is a high value transaction no doubt. And I think all the above mentioned cautions apply.

And if the cost of this haircut is large enough, never JUST trust the barber’s recommendation.

When the stakes are high enough, go slow on the purchase and go deep on the research.


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