The cost of ‘Meh’

Pleased customers tell a few people, angry ones tell everyone.

Future Don Drapers are told this on Day 1 of their induction by the marketing Prof.

I want to add to that pithy statement.

Lazy customers tell no one. And most of us customers are lazy.

Even if doing the above two actions (telling a few people, telling everyone) are dead easy, apathy wins most of the time.

You know how darn easy it is to press the like button on a youtube video. Or the unlike video. 1 second. It takes 1 second to press that button. I timed it.

We have seen hundreds, probably THOUSANDS, of video clips on Youtube that we REALLY liked. Or disliked.

But how many times did we feel compelled to press those buttons so future viewers who followed us to the URL could get an idea about what to expect.

1 in 1000 actually do it. See some popular youtube videos to the ratio is pretty consistent (likes or disliked diveded by total clip views)

Apathy beats everything and this is what most of the shitty product makers, content producers and shady salesmen are counting on and this is why the great product makers are unable to sell their stuff CHEAPER to you.

Cheaper ?!?!

Wait. What ?

Yes. Because YOU and I are too lazy to spread the word of mouth ( = press like button, mention it on facebook) the seller then has to spend millions on the zero value web, print and TV ads and THAT jacks up the price tag.

So please pay it forward and help the next consumer make a better choice.

‘Meh’ costs.

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