How to cook Interesting. A recipe.

Recently a good friend who read my latest blog post told me “…It was a nice post but I don’t agree with the argument” His tone suggested the former was the sugar coating and the latter was the crux. He expected me to be defensive.

But here is what one of my favorite blogger tells her audience : “I have found that if I am nervous to post something—if I think I might look bad or reveal too much or give advice that people will hate—these are the posts that people care about, because they further my connection with people and further the conversation we’re having, and connection and conversation are the crux of linking.”

My blog is my plan to help me connect and link with interesting people. And I see the point where readers and I don’t agree as the real crucible where interesting conversations are cooked.

Our Indian (Asian?)  schooling system tells us for 16+ years that there is ONE right answer, the teacher knows it, the front benchers memorized  it and YOU better find out and remember it. Later in life that teacher is supplanted by ‘The Boss’.

But sooner or later we realize something important as we grow up in the adult world : There is no one right answer and many different diverse crazy paths all lead to the intended solution and YOUR way or HIS WAY are maybe BOTH right. And the point where you disagree is where the genuine creative (mostly better) solution lies. Don’t attach your ego to your position on the idea/issue. Even Especially if you are the boss, teacher, parent, author.

PS: Here is a slick phrase I stumbled across that nails the zeitgeist:  A good question is the new answer.


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